Laura & Eddie

Our mission is to save lives through raising awareness & educating teens to always wear your seatbelt, if not for yourself, for Laura & Eddie.

Our Story

On February 6, 2011, a tragic accident took the lives of 17-year-old Laura Grant and 19-year-old Eddie Culberhouse.

The accident critically injured Alisa Pelot-Morgan and Elizabeth Harrison, and left Billy Keeton and Connor Geis with minor physical injuries. We believe – and statistics support – if every teen had been wearing their seatbelt that day, it would have saved lives and minimized injuries.

Seatbelts save lives

“My friends and I had just learned about Laura, Eddie and AWYS that day. We were driving to the mall when we were crashed into by another car. Our car spun and hit the median wall twice. There’s not a lot I remember after we hit the wall the first time, but when the car finally stopped, all I could hear was a loud ringing sound in my ears. All of us were wearing seatbelts, and an accident that could have ended one or more of our lives instead left us with minor injuries and bright futures.”
Shay Elkahli

Please, help us prevent our story from becoming yours.

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