You Lead the Way!

As a parent, you have a tremendous influence on your teen's driving habits.

We encourage you to exercise your authority with love, and set lifelong driving behaviors that can save your child's life.





sign a driving agreement

Steps You Can Take


Set an Example

If you want your teen to always wear their seatbelt, wear yours, too!



You and your child should sign an agreement that defines driving habits.



Have conversations on a regular basis about seatbelt safety.



Decide on repercussions if your child breaks the rules. Stick to them!

See It, Believe It

How can you increase seatbelt satefy awareness among teens? By going to them where they are: on school campuses. Since the Always Wear Your Seatbelt Foundation was established in 2011, schools in Central Florida have hosted awareness events that bring home the facts about teen automobile accidents and seatbelt safety.

Parents and community supporters like police officers, firefighters, first responders and other safety experts deliver powerful messages and demonstrations that plant unforgettable images in the minds of teens.

These images underscore how important it is to Always Wear Your Seatbelt, and help ingrain good driving habits that save the lives of our beloved teenagers. As a parent, you can support these efforts, and share volunteer opportunities with your friends. 

Learn More About Campus Clubs & Projects 

Campus Clubs and Projects are active right now, and can benefit from your support and involvement. New clubs can also be formed to help spread the seatbelt safety message to all children and teens. Learn about the mission.