Campus Projects

AWYS Ambassadors Save Lives,

One Student at a Time

Through community service projects, our Campus Club program spreads the message to Always Wear Your Seatbelt, if not for yourself for Laura and Eddie. 

What's Happening On Campus? 


  • Parking lot seatbelt checks
  • ​Testimonial videos
  • Posters
  • Educational speakers
  • Blood drives


Since 2011, we've awarded $24,000 in scholarships to graduating high school seniors who are members of an AWYS Campus Club. To learn more about this program, click here.  


Participate in our annual 5K, Lace-up to Buckle-up. Gain community support for the run by asking friends and family for sponsorships. 

Watch the Video

Laura and Eddie's story has inspired a cultural change throughout Central Florida. eWatch the video below all the way through to see the Boone chapter of AWYS spreading their message on campus and beyond, reminding teens that it only takes 2 seconds to put on a seatbelt. 

BEGIN a project at your school

Start small, or think big: the possibilities are limitless. 

Want to get involved right now? Use social media to encourage your friends and family to wear their seatbelts.

And remember the mission you're supporting: To save lives through raising awareness & educating teens to always wear your seatbelt, if not for yourself, for Laura & Eddie.  >> Their Story >>