Because You Cross Paths With Teens Daily

You have the opportunity to spread the message of seatbelt safety. School administrators, healthcare organizations, pediatricians, first responders: Use your knowledge and influence to save lives and prevent serious injuries.

Raise seatbelt safety awareness



Support campus clubs, projects and events.


Coordinate with schools and care providers.


Distribute materials with life-saving information.


Share your stories and support campus events.

Learn More About Campus Clubs, Projects & Events

Campus Clubs and Projects are active right now, and can benefit from your support and involvement. New clubs can also be formed to help spread the seatbelt safety message to all children and teens. Learn about the mission.


Aaron ImesonFirefighter and First Responder at the scene of Laura & Eddie's accident

"As a firefighter with Seminole County, we respond to 1 to 3 motor vehicle accidents per day. One of the things I see that shocks me is that minor accidents can cause serious or fatal injuries if proper safety measures aren't taken: no seatbelt wearing, old vehicles with no airbags, and too many people in the car. On the other hand, people can walk away unharmed or with only minor injuries from terrible accidents even if the car is destroyed, if they take safety precautions. It's absolutely true that wearing your seatbelt can save your life. I've personally seen that happen countless times."